Sadie Grace & Ivy Joy

Sadie's Showers

On January 8, Aunt Patricia and Kellie gave us a scrapbooking shower. Everyone made a scrapbook page for Sadie, and we got a nice scrapbook with very special pages all ready to be filled with pictures of our little girl. And we got lots of great gifts as well!

On February 5, Cameo gave us a beautiful shower at her house. Lots of friends and family got to come, and we played fun shower games and had fun visiting and eating yummy snacks and cake. Sadie got all kinds of goodies- especially a lot of bathtime stuff. And Kellie thought she should start off right- with her own pink Astros jersey!

On February 6, Lorie and Pat's mother hosted a shower at church for us. Several members of the handbell choir were there as well as some of our fellow Sunday School teachers. We had some great food and lots of fun just chatting. We got lots of goodies including tons of outfits for Sadie- many in the larger sizes!

Ivy's Shower

On June 14, Cameo and Erica hosted a shower for Ivy! We had some yummy food- Cameo's homemade cinnamon bread, mmmmm- fun games, and Ivy got some special outfits that will be just her own. Erica had even made a blanket for Ivy! This shower was fun, because not only was Sadie (and four of her little friends) able to attend, there were three pregnant women there- two of us due the same day and one due a week later! Not sure why I'm so much huger than the others!