Sadie Grace & Ivy Joy

Sadie's Room

      We decided to decorate the nursery like a flower garden using stencils. I am so happy with how it turned out! I think it's the prettiest room ever. I hope Sadie enjoys it, too, even as she gets older.

The room is even more special because we had so many friends and family help with the artwork. Fifteen different people (and later even Sadie herself!) got to add their touch to the walls!

Ivy's Room

      Since Sadie's flower garden turned out so beautiful, and since she has really enjoyed it since she was a baby (and since we already had the stencils!), we decided to decorate Ivy's room like a flower garden, too. There are a few differences, so each girl should feel she has her own special room just for her.

Once again, so many friends and family helped with the artwork. Thirteen people including Ivy's big sister contributed.